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  • It’s Official, Social Media Helps Boost Google Rankings

    We’ve been speculating for some time that Google has been including the amount of social media shares, likes and follows a website has when deciding where to rank the site in natural search results. Well our hunch has been proved correct according to new research announced today by Searchmetrics and published on the BrandRepublic website.

    The research study analysed 10,000 keywords, 300,000 websites and millions of links, shares and tweets in February and March 2012. It was discovered that “Social signals on Facebook and Twitter, such as likes, tweets and shares, correlate ‘very strongly’ to good rankings in Google UK search.” Wow, that’s pretty definitive.

    At Webscape we identified the value of these Social Signals, as they are called, earlier this year after we heard tip off’s that they were being given greater priority in the Google algorithm. To help our clients continue to succeed in natural search results we have been steadily ramping up our social media marketing services and building in the latest social media sites in our regular monthly SEO Backlinking campaigns for client websites.

    However the new research means it is now ESSENTIAL for any SEO or online marketing campaign to include a social media element beyond merely creating profiles on the top social networks. If your SEO company isn’t doing this for you, then maybe it’s time to have a chat?

    It also means that the way in which SEO agencies work is going to be fundamentally changed forever, shifting from a technical focus that often outsources content creation offshore to a fully in-house service that includes SEO and Social Media. Take a look at the new essentials of SEO…

    The New SEO Campaign Essentials

    • Does your SEO agency provide social media management services alongside SEO and backlinking?
    • Does your SEO agency understand your business well enough to post on your behalf on social media?
    • Does your SEO agency write unique content for social media (in correct English) or do they outsource content creation?
    • Does your SEO agency advise you on the latest ‘hot properties’ in social media like Pinterest?
    • Does your SEO agency offer training for you and your team to manage social media yourselves?

    After reading this, if you feel that your social media presence or that of your clients needs a boost, get in touch for an informal chat. Call Josh Whiten on 01303 856461, find him on LinkedIn or send an email.


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